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Battery Service

Battery Service at Ben Mynatt Nissan

Without a working battery, your car is going nowhere. Here at Ben Mynatt Nissan, we’re committed to helping you keep your battery in the best shape and know when it’s time to replace it, before problems arise. If you’re having to jumpstart your car more often or notice other issues such as internal lights not working or taking longer to start your car, it is imperative that you bring your vehicle into Ben Mynatt Nissan’s service center.

When do I need a new battery?

You may be surprised to know that most batteries only last three to five years. Aside from age, things like your driving patterns, extreme temperatures, or leaving your car idling can lead you to need a new battery. Here are a few ways to know it may be time for a new battery:

  • Your check engine light is on
  • Your battery case is bloated
  • Your battery is older than five years old
  • You notice a slow engine crank
  • You have to jumpstart your car often

How do I get a new battery?

The experts at Ben Mynatt Nissan are happy to help you! Schedule your appointment with our state-of-the-art service center today! Our friendly and attentive staff is ready to work with you to ensure that your car has a battery that will carry you through your travels. We’ll help you pick and install the right battery for your vehicle.

Call 855-637-3737 with any questions! The Ben Mynatt Nissan service department offers things like easy online scheduling, local courtesy pick up and drop off shuttle, and more.