Silver 2021 Nissan Kicks driving on a bridge by the city

The 2021 Nissan Kicks is a small crossover vehicle and packed with features. What makes it exciting is its affordability the base model is priced at $20,595, and the top model, $23,000. It is available in three trims. Meant as a replacement for the 2018 Nissan Juke, the Kicks has a lot more design elements. It is meant to be an entry-level SUV in Nissans 2021 vehicle lineup.  

Features To Look Forward To

The Kicks has a bigger, bolder grille and a new LED headlight design. The center armrest and console...continue reading

Orange 2021 Nissan Sentra parked and showing off front bumper

Nissan has been making reliable cars for decades. Whether it be SUVs, trucks, or sedans, each vehicle having the Nissan badge is a great vehicle that will last you a long time. Nissan, being the peoples champion, has on many occasions released cars that are the perfect amalgamation of performance and luxury.

Continuing this trend, they have made a host of performance parts and upgrades that lets you add some serious mods to your car. The best part is that they are made by the company themselves, so...continue reading

2021 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle car driving on the road

The 2021 Nissan Leaf is an all-electric car and available in two versions: the 149-range version and the 215-226-range Leaf Plus. In the electric vehicle segment, it holds its own against other electric vehicles. These include the Chevy Bolt EV, Teslas model 3, and the Mustang Mach-E. This Nissan electric vehicle gets a 7.2 rating for its features and a perfect score for being a green vehicle.

Vehicle Features and Specification

The 2021 Leaf is a 5-seater hatchback with a conventional look. The cabin has the...continue reading

Car mechanic standing next to car engine to inspect cabin and engine air filter

Your car features two air filters: the engine air filter and the cabin air filter. These filters keep dust and debris away. Clogged air filters affect interior air quality and engine performance. It is important to change these air filters regularly to ensure the smooth functioning of your car.

If you are in Salisbury, NC, visit Ben Mynatt Nissan. Our car maintenance service includes air filter replacements. You can also redeem cabin air filter coupons at our service center.

Here, we look at the purpose...continue reading

New Nissan Z Proto

An upgrade that was long due, Nissan has decided to finally roll out the new generation of its popular Z series. The 2021 Nissan Z adds what was sorely missing to the outgoing 400Z and improves upon the performance as well. 

This supercar killer has been completely revamped and has been made to keep up with the times and tech of this era. All-new for the new decade, the Nissan Z series will finally become a worthy contender in the $50k price bracket. Known for outperforming cars twice its price, the New Nissan Z has...continue reading