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Nissan Altima vs. Toyota Camry

The 2018 Nissan Altima and the 2018 Toyota Camry are both great options if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient car in the Salisbury area. Ben Mynatt Nissan stacked the two vehicles side-by-side to see how they hold up. Read our findings below to find out why we think you’ll be most happy with the Nissan Altima.

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Price is an important factor for drivers. In this aspect, the Nissan Altima is slightly more affordable. It starts at just $23,260 and the Camry starts at a slightly more expensive $23,495 with its highest trim costing $35,000. While the price difference may not seem significant, we feel you’ll get more bang for your buck when choosing the Nissan Altima.


The Nissan Altima’s front seats use Nissan’s Zero Gravity technology to help maintain a neutral posture to minimize fatigue and pain on long drives. Alternatively, the Camry’s redesign features lower seats, which makes entry and exit more challenging for some drivers. The Nissan Altima also features a roomy cabin to make sure all your passengers are comfortable.

Cargo Space

The Nissan Altima comes out on top in this category as well. It features 15.4 cubic feet of space for storage while the Camry features just 15.1 cubic feet. Also, the trunk opening is wide and not too high on the Altima, making loading and unloading the vehicle easy. While both vehicles are on the small side when it comes to cargo space, the Altima will make hauling cargo simpler.

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