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Why are my brakes squeaking?

At Ben Mynatt Nissan in Salisbury, NC, the well being of our customers comes first! So when you notice that your brakes are making a squeaking sound, let us know right away.

More often than not, squeaky brakes tell us that its probably time to change out your brake pads. The squeaking sound serves as a warning that the metal brake components are not being protected the way they should be. If the pads are promptly changed, you will save yourself the headache of having to replace more expensive parts, such as metal drums and rotors.

With regular maintenance, you can eliminate the scare and potential dangers that come with poorly protected brakes.

Our award-winning service technicians can identify problems, such as:

  • Declining Brake Pads
  • Low Brake Fluid
  • Old Brake Fluid

If these things are found in advance, they'll be taken care of before they can ever become a problem.

Call our Ben Mynatt Nissan service team today at 855-633-6633 to schedule your regular maintenance! Our service center is convenient to Kannapolis and Lexington, and other nearby North Carolina areas, so don't hesitate to visit today!