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When do my tires need to be rotated and balanced?

What is tire rotation?

Tires, like any other part of your vehicle, wear out over time, so they should be rotated to increase their lifespan. When service technicians rotate your tires, they remove them from your vehicle and replace them in a different location.

While you can't avoid uneven tire wear completely, this regular maintenance will help protect both you and your vehicle. When you forget about servicing your tires, they become uneven and wear out more quickly. So next time you're considering an oil change or brake inspection, dont forget to ask about having your tires rotated and balanced.

When do my Nissan tires need to be rotated?

When it comes to keeping your car maintained, our award-winning Nissan service team is here to help. For your safety, our technicians will check the quality of your tires each time you bring your vehicle in for general maintenance. This should occur approximately every 3,000-7,000 miles.

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