How to Clean Cloth Car Seats


How to Clean Cloth Car Seats

Over time, car seats can get quite dirty. From morning commutes to drop the kids at school to getaways, the integrity of the fabric gets affected, which detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. While leather is easier to clean, cloth seats involve a bit more maintenance. So here are some handy tips that will help you get your seats looking as good as new.

Start with Vacuuming
Prior to cleaning your cloth seats, you first need to ensure that you take out all the debris, crumbs, and dirt on and around the fabric. Vacuuming is a great way to eliminate these dreaded particles before you start tackling the stains. Get the nozzle of the vacuum right between the seams of the fabric to make sure you have removed all the dirt.

Use a Cleaning Solution
While some recommend using household cleaning products, this might not be the most practical option. Some household products have chemicals that could affect the fabric of your cloth seats. Instead, use a fabric cleaning solution.

Brush the Area
Once you’ve sprayed a particular area of fabric, immediately work on that area with an interior brush. Medium or soft bristles are perfect for cleaning cloth seats. Avoid using a stiff carpet brush because it will affect the cloth fibers.

Use a Microfiber Towel
Running the cloth in circular movements over the fabric, will not only remove the stain but will also help eliminate underlying dirt as well. When the suds start to build up, just wipe them away with the microfiber towel. It's important to remove dirty suds because you don't want it seeping into the fabric when it dries.

Repeat the Process
Some stains are tougher to eliminate than others. So you might have to repeat the entire process above three to six times before you stain completely disappears.

Vacuum again
Once all the stains are removed, ensure that the cloth seats have sufficient time to dry before you use the car again. And vacuuming is a great hack to speed up the drying process. For the best products to clean cloth car seats, get in touch with Ben Mynatt Nissan, the best dealership in town that stocks highly effective and affordable products.

Source: Nissan