Nissan’s Snug Kids Child Safety Tips


Nissan’s Snug Kids Child Safety Tips

Children are much shorter and weigh considerably less, and not all car seats in present designs are suitable for kids to sit alone in. Especially for infants and toddlers, it becomes important to invest in special seats that can ensure the utmost safety. Nissan Snug Kids is an industry-first program directed especially towards the protection of children seated in Child Restraint Systems (CRS). Child safety seats are used by parents to accommodate their child comfortably and safely while inside the vehicle.

Unfortunately, not all CRS fit inside cars, making it riskier to sit your toddler in a seat that isn’t secured. For this reason, the good folks over at Nissan have spent thousands of hours evaluating these child safety seats by installing them in the rear seating area of all the current Nissan models. With the help of this information, Nissan Child Passenger Safety Technicians made a conclusive Nissan Snug Kids Safety Seat Fit guide that seeks to inform parents and guardians as to which CRS is best suited for their Nissan Vehicle.

General installation tips
Here are some tips that can help you with the CRS installation process –

  • For cars with leather seats, use a non-slip mat under the CRS to secure the seat and prevent slippage.
  • It is always easier to secure the CRS when you have another person to assist you. While one person holds down the seat, the second can tightly secure the seat belt around the CRS.
  • Make sure that the seat belt isn’t twisted and that the buckle isn’t inserted from the wrong side. A wrongly-positioned seatbelt and buckle inhibit proper tightening.
  • If your vehicle’s rear seat can be pushed back, it is easier to install the CRS with the seat reclined and then bring it back upright once the installation is complete.
  • Remember to tighten the seatbelt in stages – first, tighten the lap belt and pull the excess webbing through the shoulder belt and continue to tighten.
  • While installing a high back booster, it becomes easier to secure it by removing your car’s adjustable head restraint.
  • To check if the seat is secured, move the CRS side to side at the belt routing location. If the seat moves more than an inch, you will need to tighten further.
  • Refer to the Nissan Snug Kids Safety Seat Fit guide to find out more.

Source: Nissan