3 Way To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Hurricane


3 Way To Prepare Your Vehicle For A Hurricane

A hurricane is a perilous experience. When driving through a hurricane, your car takes the brunt of the damage as it's supposed to. But if you don’t get your vehicle hurricane-ready, you may drive into a dangerous situation. Here are the top 3 things every car owner needs to do to get their car ready for a hurricane:

Get a complete work-up done of your car
Your vehicle needs to be in top condition just before a hurricane. When the season nears, drive over to the nearest car garage in Kannapolis NC for a full-body evaluation. As a general rule:
o Fill your tank up to the brim.
o Purchase extra fuel for the future.
o Replenish the engine oil, motor oil, coolants, and windshield wiper fluids.
o Change the windshield wipers if they’re dented, bent, or old.
o Inflate your tires to max capacity.
o Tighten all the nuts and bolts of the car.
o Replenish headlight & taillight batteries.

Equip your vehicle with important tools and parts
Hurricanes can happen at any time and you may need to be on-the-road even when a hurricane is already in full swing. This is why its important to stock-up your car with things which can help you quickly get out of a sticky spot. Some of the things you should carry with you in the car during hurricane season are:

o Fully-filled spare tire
o Tire jack
o Car tools
o Wooden blocks/wheel jammers
o Jumper cables
o Extra car battery
o Motor oil & fuel
o Canister to collect fuel
o Flashlight/torch with batteries
o Radio/satellite phone
o Phone USB cable & internet dongle
o Warm blanket
o Foods that don’t expire & bottles of water
o Extra money
o Duffle bags with dry clothes & shoes

Park your car in the right spot
One of the most important ways to prepare your car for a hurricane is to identify the perfect spot to park your car. Also, make sure to cover the windows and sunroof either with duct tape or a cover to prevent the hurricane from shattering glass. Visit us to buy a pre-owned car in Kannapolis NC At Ben Mynatt Pre-Owned, we are reputed pre-owned car dealers in Kannapolis NC. Visit us to test drive our cars.

Source: Nissan