2019 Nissan GT-R | Ben Mynatt Nissan

2019 Nissan GT-R

2019 Nissan GT-R | Ben Mynatt Nissan

Have you ever questioned what Nissan was able to accomplish performance -  wise? Let us introduce you to the 2019 Nissan GT-R. With the option between the NISMO variant or the Standard version, you’ll be able to decide which package fits your funds, lifestyle - and simply, how much performance you require from your next Nissan. Calling all drivers from Kannapolis, Concord, and Lexington, don’t overlook the 2019 GT-R from Nissan here at Ben Mynatt Nissan in Salisbury, NC!

So, just what kind of performance are we speaking about? First, let’s begin with the Standard model. You’ll have a large 565 horsepower coupled with 467 pound-feet of torque, and standard all-wheel drive. Now, what precisely is NISMO? Simply put, NISMO is Nissan’s greatest line of performance put into a production car. Now with the GT-R, you’ll have this remarkable engineering available to you. So what is the NISMO model capable of? Only a 600 horsepower and 481 pounds of torque. Needless to say, Nissan understands a thing or two about performance. Don’t miss this masterpiece - it is worth checking out! Choose between four models - the Pure, Premium, the Track Edition, and the NISMO.

With the 2019 GT-R, you’ll also possess the hottest technology imaginable including Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, extensive smartphone connectivity, an 8-Inch color touchscreen, and much more. You’ll be able to seamlessly stream music, pull up apps, directions amongst several other things. And with Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility, your GT-R will come equipped with a rearview monitor, Nissan’s Intelligent Key, and Nissan’s Nav system that will ensure the smoothest traveling. Have you ever gotten tired of the display of your current car? Not a problem. The 2019 GT-R offers you a programmable multi-function display, letting you decide how you want to see your information, whether that be your oil temperature, pressure, turbo boost viewing, or even your acceleration, and throttle position. Drive your way - every time.

To learn more about the 2019 Nissan GT-R stop by Ben Mynatt Nissan, in Salisbury, NC today and schedule a test drive in this performance machine. Just promise us one thing - that you’ll bring it back.

Source: Nissan