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2019 Versa Sedan

The 2019 Versa Sedan is a basic car, perfect if you are not looking for fancy features and just want a new car that will help you get around. Its simplicity is its main feature, and does not come with fancy and advanced tech, and stylish interiors.

The Nissan Versa in Salisbury has a 1.6-liter inline-4 which is rated at 109 horsepower. Although this isn’t much when compared to other cars, it is just enough for basic daily use. Besides, the car has a pretty well-controlled ride considering its price range. It has a soft and smooth ride that can be leisurely on the road.

The outside

When it comes to the exteriors, the Versa Sedan has a tall and narrow body that looks sleek and stylish, especially from the front. From the back though, the sedan looks a little bulky. In other words, the car looks much more expensive than it actually is. With its chrome-lined grille and angular body, the 2019 Versa Sedan doesn’t look so bad.

The inside

What’s really impressive about this car is the spacious interiors. Despite its narrow outer experience, the inside is surprisingly quite roomy. Especially the rear-seat leg room is impressive at 37 inches, which is thanks to the 102.4-inch wheelbase. On top of this, hip room and headroom are also very impressive. The generous trunk space is also a great feature, which stands at 14.9 cubic foot. This can be further expanded by folding the rear seat.

The car also scores high on seat comfort, and coupled with the generous interior space, this makes for a comfortable experience. Moreover, the driver’s seat can be adjusted, and there is also a tilt steering wheel, both of which makes it easier to find an ideal driving position.

For 2019, Nissan has introduced several upgrades to the Versa Sedan, including Bluetooth, a 7-inch color touch screen, a standard rear view monitor, as well as Siri and iPod connectivity. There is also a revised SV special edition package that includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. All these features make the Nissan Versa in Salisbury a great car choice for its price range.